Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sweater Weather - Cut and Curing

By this morning, the Sweater Weather soap was ready for cutting. I really need to get a proper soap cutter; cutting by hand is NOT the easiest for getting uniform bars. At this point, while the soap is still fairly moist, the scents of the beer and the vetiver are quite strong. That will change as the soap cures; I've found that to be true in all the batches of beer soap I've made so far.

I know that I wrote briefly about the dental soap and the Lavender and Goat Milk soap before we headed out to the coast. Before we left, I unmolded the dental soap; it was just barely firm enough to come out of the mold but I wasn't sure about leaving it to sit for three days. Looking back, I think it would have been fine but I'm not the most patient when it comes to getting my soaps out of the mold.

I'm quite excited to try it, to be honest. I can smell the anise in it but I don't think it will flavour the soap much.

It was really nice walking into the spare bedroom after we arrived home, to be greeted by the scent of the Lavender and Goat Milk soap. Lavender is such a homey scent and the room smelled quite strongly of it. I suppose one of the benefits of making soap is that the house always smells good.

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