Sunday, October 11, 2015


By this morning, my soap was ready to unmold and cut. I was surprised to find that it was a lot harder than I'd anticipated. I decided not to use the crinkle cutter for this soap, just a sharp knife. It wasn't easy. I may just invest in a straight cutter like the crinkle cutter I have. A trip to Chef's Edge may be in order next weekend.

Once I cut into the soap, it was obvious that I got a partial gel.

It won't affect the usability or quality of the soap, just the aesthetics. If I make this recipe again (and I probably will), I might consider CPOP (cold process oven process - forces full gell). The colour of the soap is a little more buttery than the picture shows. The scent is very light, which I don't mind. I'm sure that, if I were to consider selling my soaps, buyers would likely want a more scented bar but I prefer my soap lightly scented or unscented.

Now, it needs to cure. This soap should be ready for use in about three weeks, with a longer cure being better, obviously.

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