Saturday, October 10, 2015

First Post, Not First Soap

Today, I made a soap of my own design. I'm not sure what to call it yet; it's pretty basic, using Red Palm oil as a colorant and Rosewood E.O.

34% Coconut Oil
30% Crisco
30% Olive Oil, pomace
5% Castor Oil
1% Red Palm Oil

7% superfat
1.1:1 water:lye ratio

I used a couple of ounces of hemp milk as part of my water and added approximately 1/2 teaspoon Rosewood essential oil for fragrance. My batch contains 30 ounces of oils.

I wanted this soap to be an all vegetable soap. I can't call it vegan as I'm not sure just how "vegan" the oils are. It is definitely an all vegetable soap.

According to SoapCalc, the recipe numbers are as follows:

Hardness - 40
Cleansing - 23
Conditioning - 56
Bubbles - 27
Creamy - 22
Iodine - 67
INS - 150

I still don't really understand what all the numbers mean but I think this will be a nice soap. We shall see.

At the moment, I have it under a wooden box, wrapped in a blanket and a towel; I want it to gel and I'm pretty sure it will. It's certainly generating a fair bit of heat. I can feel it through the wood of the box and that wood is thick.

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