Sunday, November 29, 2015

More, More, More!

Though I didn't write about it, I did make more soap last weekend. I was getting very low on the Lavender and Goat Milk soap; it seems to be another popular one. A work customer wanted more and there are only a couple of pieces left so I thought it was time.

Pardon this week's pictures; it's evening and the camera isn't cooperating very well.

The first time I made this soap, I didn't even have a proper mold. It was made in a foil baking pan, if I remember correctly. The lavender is really strong in this soap and it scents the spare room amazingly! It smells SO good!

I also decided to try another version of the dental soap, this time without palm kernel oil as I've read that it, too, can give a "soapy" flavour to the finished soap. This time, I used peanut oil and cocoa butter at an 80/20% split. I added one crushed Tums (for the calcium carbonate) and 3 capsules of activated charcoal, along with 20 drops of peppermint essential oil and 10 drops of sweet anise essential oil. I doubt the essential oils will do much to flavour the soap but I have read that the calcium carbonate can help to remineralize teeth. It certainly can't hurt, right?

I had a cutting board laying over the mold but one of the kids leaned on it... hence the smudge of batter.

Last time, I did a 4 ounce batch, this is a 6 ounce batch. I think the next batch, if I want to fill the mold, will be a 12 ounce batch of soap batter. Next time may not be for quite some time, though. One of these little bars will probably last me a couple of months!

Even John is on board with dental soap - he likes the fact that there's no waste.. no tubes to dispose of. I like that, too, although I am still using my regular toothpaste (with added charcoal) in the mornings and the tooth soap at night. There's something about the mintiness in the morning - it's definitely a wake up and after that one cup of coffee? Mintiness is a good thing!

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