Friday, November 6, 2015

Genny's Shampoo Bar

On the Soap Making Forum, any time the conversation turns to shampoo bars or a very gentle facial soap, Genny's Shampoo Bar comes up. I decided I'd read enough about it; it was time to try it.

Once again, I made a very small batch, 7 ounces. This small batch made a total of 10 and one half of the mini bars. I scented it with just a little bit of patchouli (12 drops).

The recipe is as follows:

30% Avocado oil
10% Castor oil
40% Olive oil
10% Shea Butter
10% Sunflower Oil

5% superfat with a lye concentration of 40%
I added about half an ounce of coconut milk with the water (one ice cube's worth) and about 1/2 tsp simple syrup, in addition to the patchouli.

After just a few hours, the soap is firming up nicely. I don't think it will be a very hard bar. Once again, it's going to be hard to wait to try this soap, whether I use it as a shampoo bar or as a facial soap.


  1. hey,
    I was just researching "Genny's shampoo bar.

    I am wondering if you have new observations on this... after so many years of traying it...
    I see in soap-calculator that is has 0 - cleansing!
    And so unbalanced (20:80 sat-unsat oils ration)
    This really turns me off of even trying it!

    Looking forward to hear from you some more observations, after this many years :)

    1. Hi Jay,
      Yeah, I wouldn't be using soap on my hair. After a lot more reading and other people's experiences on the SoapMaking Forum, I now use a syndet bar for my hair. My hair really likes it. BTW, sorry I never responded before; I never saw this comment until today.