Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Thank Goodness for Time Off

I'm off work this week for some much needed down time. It's a great opportunity to get things organized for the start of our market season. I have spent time this week taking a full inventory of what I have available, what I need to make, what needs to be labeled and organizing my Square storefront.

I've spent time making soap and planning soapy products. I'm waiting for a few ingredients to show up so other products can be made. I've pampered myself and I've enjoyed the sunshine in a way that I can't when I'm at work.

First, and foremost, soap has been made. Granted, I've only made two batches this week but, first, the week isn't over yet, and second, I really don't need that much soap for now. What I'm making now won't be ready for sale for at least a month (one of them).

I wasn't going to make it but the Poop emoji soap really did sell well last year. I sold out at the Christmas market and decided then that I wasn't going to make any more. Now that market season is about to start, however, I decided that maybe I should make a batch or two for this year's markets.

As I said, for some reason it always sells. I guess it's the snicker factor; everyone snickers when they see it. They're almost afraid to touch it but fascinated to find that it smells like Chocolate Fudge. It makes me giggle every time I watch people's reaction.

Another soap that sells well for me just happens to be one of our favourite soaps and I like to have in stock at all times. Salt soap is a mild soap; washing with it is like washing with salt water. It's gentle enough that I use it on my face almost daily (I have to try other products, too.... I don't test on animals, I test on me!)

I love these bar molds. I used to make this soap in a variety of sizes and shapes, including flowers but I like these shapes better. They fit nicely in the hands. The bars come in at just under 3 oz, so they're a nice size and, this way, they look very similar.

Yesterday, I made a batch of Fizzing Bath Melts, made with cocoa butter, citric acid, and baking soda. When added to your bath water, the cocoa butter melts, creating a skin-soothing bath. They're also made with fragrance oil, this time Lavender & Basil fragrance oil. I love making these using a moon cake press; it's so easy and they're so pretty.

This past weekend, I played with another product, something totally different.

They look edible don't they? Like strawberry marshmallows, right? Well, appearances are deceiving in this case. These are Marshmallow Body Wash Cubes; yes, they're soap! They look like marshmallows, they feel like marshmallows. You use them to wash yourself.

The recipe made a few more than I had anticipated. I'm thinking of bagging about four to a bag and adding a tag just to see how, or if, they will sell. They smell edible; they look edible. I'll definitely have to add a warning tag!

Today's only Wednesday; I still have a few days off. In that time, I'll be shrink wrapping and labeling soap; I'll be making and packaging other products, including shampoo bars and conditioner bars. I'll also be making sure I take time to enjoy the beautiful spring weather we're having. I'm not sure I'll be ready to go back to work next Monday; I'm enjoying my time off far too much.

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