Thursday, March 28, 2019

I Love Bath Time

Seriously, I love my baths. I don't love my bathtub but I love baths. When we first moved to Kelowna, the house we rented had an amazing tub in the master suite. I couldn't even touch the end of the tub with my toes without almost submerging myself and, when filled, the water came all the way up to my chin. I still miss that tub.

One of the things I enjoy about bath time is the number of things that make it so relaxing. I like bubble baths but they're not my favourite. Bath melts, however, that's another thing. When you drop one into your bath water, they slowly start to fizz, releasing all that skin loving cocoa butter goodness and the fragrance. The addition of Polysorbate 80 helps to keep the oils in the water and not on the sides of your tub. And, when you're done, your skin feels so smooth and moisturized.

This past weekend, I made a batch of lavender bath melts. I overfilled the molds and ended up with a bit of an oily mess. I put them in the freezer and didn't realize that the lid of the freezer hit the mold. Big sigh!

I was not very happy. However, once they solidified, they were okay. The three at the top are definitely only for me (which is just fine!). These are lavender scented, perfect for a night time bath. I sprinkled them with gold jojoba beads and a few lavender flowers.

On Sunday, I made another batch and made sure not to overfill the molds. This time, I coloured them orange and purple and scented them with Karma, a Lush duplicate, one of my personal favourites. A dusting of gold glitter will be fun in the tub, I'm sure, but a bit of glitter never hurts, right?

Now, if only I could get the landlord to install a REAL bathtub!

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