Thursday, June 28, 2018

So Much to Tell You

Right now, I'm almost halfway through Day 1 of a five day long weekend. John and I are celebrating fourteen years of marriage and, since today is the day before the Friday before a long weekend (July 1, Canada Day), I decided to take both days off, giving me a very rare five days off.

Soap was made today.

There's nothing new in that. I've been making plenty of soap over the last while. The thing is, I now have a reason to make soap, other than the fact that it's just plain fun! I am now a vendor at a local market, the East Kelowna Sunday Artisan Community Market. I'm not there every weekend but will be there twice in July and twice in August. I've already been once and it was fun! I'm looking forward to the next market.

So, you see, soap must be made!

These are a few of the soaps made within the last two months or so. I've also added Bubble Scoops to my repertoire. What are Bubble Scoops, you ask?

These are Bubble Scoops. They're a solid bubble bath. Each of these scoops (just over one ounce each), is enough for one regular bubble bath. Each is scented quite strongly (my house smells amazing, sometimes a bit overpowering) but it's diluted in a full bath. I'll be making a few more batches before my next market, just to see how they'll sell. I have a feeling they could be quite popular.

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