Sunday, December 3, 2017

Salt Bars for Christmas

One of the reasons I started this particular blog was so that I could keep track of the batches of soap I've made. Lately, there haven't been very many batches, unfortunately. However, last week, I did make a batch of our favourite soap. When I say "our" favourite, I'm referring to Kristen and myself. There's good reason it's a fave.

With equal parts rosemary, peppermint, and lavender, it smells amazing. Once the soap has cured completely, at minimum 8 weeks and preferably as long as a year or more, the lather is creamy and decadent. It is the only soap I use on my face.

Last weekend, November 23, I made a large batch. I based the recipe on 1000 grams of oil and used 500 grams of sea salt. The resulting batch was 32 bars. Some of them are small bars (1-2 ounces), most are regular sized bars (up to 4 ounces).

For this batch, I used goat's milk as the liquid rather than water.

There is a thread going on in the Soapmaking Forum at the moment about how long to age salt soap. The consensus is a minimum of one year and up to three years or longer! I think I'll need to make more so we can have some put away for the long term.

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