Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's the New Black

I've been reading a lot about soap lately, as I'm sure you can imagine, considering how much soap I've been making lately. One soap that intrigues me is Activated Charcoal soap. If you look up the benefits of activated charcoal in soap, you'll find all kinds of information. One thing they all agree on is that it is a good soap for anyone with acne or problem skin.

Generally speaking, I have pretty good, if dry, skin so I'm not planning on making it for myself. I do know people, though, who do have skin issues; there are also some pre-teens in my family circle who may benefit from some good skin-loving soap.

To that end, I've picked up some activated charcoal, hunted out a recipe and plan on making a batch on the weekend. The recipe I'm planning on using is this one:

40% Olive oil pomace
20% Coconut oil
20% Palm oil
15% Avocado oil
5% Castor oil

Activated charcoal - about 1 tablespoon for my 30 oz batch
Scented with anise and peppermint essential oils.

I might even decide to swirl it with half the batter lightened with titanium dioxide. I haven't decided yet.

And yes, the soap will be black.


  1. I made a salt bar with charcoal, anise and spearmint to see if that helps my teenager and the boyfriend. You might find peppermint to be irritating to those with severe acne (that's why I chose spearmint, it's a nice mint for sensitive skin) - I had issues with it when I was fighting cystic acne.
    Sherry (amd from smf)

  2. Good to know! Thanks Sherry!