Saturday, October 17, 2015

And the Recipe

The soap came out of the mold in a relatively short time; within six hours, it had cooled and was hard enough to unmold. I sliced it after we got home from dinner with the kids (if you're in Kelowna, we can recommend the Mission Tap House.. it was good!)

Anyway, here's the recipe I used, along with my mods.

30% Palm oil
30% Lard
24% Palm Kernel oil
15% Coconut oil
1% Stearic acid

10% Superfat
Water:Lye ratio - 1.1:1

I added Kosher salt, sugar, and silk protein at 1 teaspoon per 16 oz. of oils
To one half the soap batter, I added approximately 2 teaspoons of water soluble titanium dioxide, pre-mixed and also added approximately 1 teaspoon of ylang ylang to the entire batch of 30 oz. of oils.

If I make this again, I think I'd add another colour to the other half of the batter, just to make the part with the titanium dioxide stand out even more... perhaps a bit of red palm kernel oil? 

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