Sunday, January 24, 2016

No Soap.... Yet

In a little while, after I finish this post, I will be making another batch of the Java Jumpstart. I seem to be out of that one; it's become one of my most popular soaps. That's a little later, though, after the dishes are done and this post is published.

For now, I'm just relaxing. That doesn't mean my weekend has been unproductive. I have made a batch of face/hand cream. One of the ladies at work requested some cream; she has eczema on her hands and a lot of commercial products aggravate her condition. I've made cream for her in the past and she's liked almost everything I've made her.

I found an interesting recipe in an e-book I found on Amazon, for one cent! Not a bad deal, if I say so myself. It's a book by Anne L. Watson about lotion making. This recipe is called Ingrid's Magic Potion Lotion and is filled with all kinds of good things. I changed one ingredient, as I didn't have any evening primrose oil and I used less water than the recipe calls for as I wanted more of a cream rather than a lotion.

The ingredients used in this recipe (as I made it) are macadamia oil, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, argan oil (subbed for the evening primrose oil), and vitamin e oil. I scented it with a bit of lemongrass and patchouli, something I won't do again. I'm not thrilled with the scent, to be honest, although it does dissipate quickly. Thankfully, I only scented it lightly. (I just gave a jar to my upstairs neighbour... she LOVES the scent!)

It's a lovely cream, though. It's absorbs quickly, leaving my hands nice and soft. I used a bit on my face last night and loved how it made my skin feel. With all those lovely oils in it, it's no wonder!

Last week, I said I'd use the smallest of the Two Vices soaps as a tester bar. Well, today I lathered up and can report that I'm impressed. The bars have hardened up nicely (they'll get harder as time goes by) and the lather came easily.

Even though the soap is only one week old, it didn't make my hands feel overly dry or tight and the lather is decent. I have a feeling I'll really like this soap after it has fully cured.

I also went out yesterday to pick up a few supplies and look for a heart-shaped mold for Valentine's bath products. I told the grandkids that we'd make bath bombs for their teachers. I went to my favourite kitchen store to see what they had and came home with this mold:

They're the perfect size for a hand soap. Unfortunately, the only heart shaped molds they had were tiny, candy sized molds, not suitable for making bath bombs or even soaps (well, guest soaps maybe). Michael's was my next stop. There, I found this silicon mold:

It's not quite as flexible as the other silicon molds I have so I think it should be alright for making bath bombs. I may have to do a little experimenting later. I already have a tried and true recipe for bath bombs and I have all the ingredients. Perhaps next weekend, I'll make the bath bombs with the kids; they'll love it! And I'm sure their teachers will appreciate a package that includes a bath bomb, a bar of soap, a jar of hand cream and a lip balm, all hand made.

Now.... time to get this kitchen tidied up so I can make soap!

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