Sunday, November 8, 2015

Time for Cutting

The second batch was cut this morning and I'm happy. Using the new mold, I managed to get 18 bars; John thinks the bars are on the large side, which might make it difficult to lather up in the shower but I don't think they're any bigger than most of the bars I see people making online. I know I prefer mine a little smaller but I have smaller hands.


  1. Love love love all the projects you've been up to! I'm adding dental soap and the shampoo bar to my to-do list :) Thanks for mentioning your 1 oz mold - I'm looking into getting one for myself. PS Where can I get a beer bar when they're ready?

  2. Email me... sudsnthings at gmail dot com Some of them are at 4 weeks now and I must say, they're nice!