Saturday, November 7, 2015

Beer Me Another One

I have some wonderful customers. One of my customers, Dave, makes apple crates, which he sells at our local farmer's market. They're great little boxes; I've bought one from him in the past. A few weeks ago, I asked him if he could make a wooden mold for me; I gave him a plan and he said he'd be happy to build it for me.

A week or so ago, he came in with the finished mold and wouldn't take payment for it. I have a feeling that mold will come in very handy if/when I need to make larger batches of soap. It holds seven pounds of soap batter! That's a lot of soap!

Today, I used that mold for the first time.

It seems that my Blackstrap Ale soap is going to be a popular one at the brewery where Kristen got the beer for me. Every time she goes in to have her growler refilled, they ask about the soap and when they'll see it. It still has a few weeks curing time but they'll definitely be getting some.

You can see the first two batches in the background, behind the charcoal soap. Today's batch is the same recipe, just more of it. After this, if I want to make more beer soap, I'll need more beer. I used the last of it in this batch.

I'll definitely be saving a bar for Dave.... as a thank you.

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