Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Adventures in Lip Gloss

 Lip Gloss. It's one of those things that I have a love/hate relationship with. I can remember a little girl, sitting in front of me in church one Sunday morning and, literally, every five minutes or so, she'd apply another layer of Grape lip gloss to her lips. With every application, she scent of the Galactic Grape flavouring oil penetrated my head and I ended up having to leave with a raging migraine. 

That said, the look and feel of a good lip gloss never fails to intrigue me. I've dipped my toe into making lip gloss a little and wasn't very happy with the results. I mean, it looked amazing the day I made it but by the following day, some of them had separated and the oils seeped out of the tubes. Not pretty!

I've been doing as much reading as I can about a very popular lip gloss base but everything I'm finding isn't really answering my questions. Well, over the Easter break, with four days off, I decided to look into it again. I finally found a little more information and I think I've got it figured out. It's still a sticky and messy procedure but at least it isn't separating anymore. 

And, oh my, it feels so nice on the lips. With the addition of some skin-soothing oils like castor, jojoba, and coconut oils, it won't dry out your lips and the gloss! This is what lip gloss should be!

Now, I'm just waiting for a new shipment of some classy tubes. 

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